31 August 2011

We have some AWESOME news! The EP entitled Funeral in Fire wll be released on October 1st, 2011. Our tour also begins on that day as well! Keep on the lookout for our promo videos on our facebook page, as well as our Youtube page!

19 July 2011

Welcome to the official Stained Ashes website. There are a lot of great/amazing/totally awesome things that have been going on recently. We have our Six Feet Under tour coming this fall, so if you are in the South Eastern part of the country (Florida, Georgia, East Texas, The Carolinas, etc) look out for Stained Ashes and The Creepshow MoFo coming to a town near you. We have merch, cds, music, and a great live performance that you dont want to miss.

Peel your eyes over to the left side of the screen for just a moment. If you would like to order a shirt or CD, click on the shop icon. The current Tour dates are located under the "TOUR" tab...obviously, and if you would like to book us on a show, or you want to have us play at a house party, click on the contact button. For house parties we charge depending on the distance, unless it is on the way or part of the tour, at which point we charge a flat 50 dollars. I don't recomend booking us for your wedding however...we play a mix between punk, 80's, metalcore, metal, and good ol' rock and roll. Keep in touch and feel free to chit chat with us. Keep it metal! \m/